Funding Items


Specific Items That Need Funding

Update Sept 2011

Professional selling synopsis (£6000)

The objective is to solicit a collaborative publishing deal with an acclaimed ghost writer in order to produce a mainstream version of 'Left in the Dark'

High quality AV equipment (c £2800)

High resolution projector
High specification laptop
Large portable screen



Promotional Film (£5,000)


Discussions are ongoing with a number of professional film makers regarding a documentary, or mini series, based on the book. We are also looking to put together a series of promotional videos for online publication on websites like YouTube. These will promote the material presented in the book, and help the book attract interest from bigger filming projects.


The commercial success of 'Left in the Dark' seems increasingly assured as media interest of all kinds builds. However, the time lag from such interest to significant income is looking like several months at least this will in time alleviate the ongoing headache of day-to-day running costs.


Professional Documentary (£250,000 plus)


Finally, the potential to earn some money by investing in a documentary that would tell one of the most unusual stories around is another option. At the very least, it would be a great deal more interesting than anything else on TV at the moment! Of course if the conclusions of this initial research are anywhere near correct then any such documentary would play a major part in bringing something of great importance to a much wider audience - as well as offering an excellent financial return.


This is a rare opportunity to actively support and be part of project that has enormous implications. Nothing like this has ever been considered by mainstream science as it is assumed that humans are more or less fully functional. If this is the case then all well and good, if not it is imperative to at least ask the question. If all is not as it seems then by simply looking for evidence it will rapidly become apparent that something is amiss.


  • £1,500 Overheads (internet, utility bills etc)
  • £500 Transport costs
  • £250 Review in Nielsen's Kirkus Reviews
  • £3,000 plus Advertising budget
  • £5,000 Promotional film
  • £250,000 plus Professional documentary

This is an opportunity to offer your support to a project with the potential to change the world we live in.


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