Molecules of Madness






A Kickstarter project has been launched with the aim of bringing what is shaping up to be a major historic re-discovery with massive practical implications to a mainstream audience ASAP.

The overall objective of the project is to address the most obvious un-asked question regarding our neural integrity and associated state of mind. Specifically does humanity’s blatant and endemic insanity have a very simple, treatable and preventable cause, are we suffering from a neurological condition that has left us blind to its existence?

This process will be greatly accelerated by translating the basic proposal outlined in ‘Left in the Dark’ into a number of media formats aimed at the widest possible audience through one or more collaborations.

The primary objective is to commission a documentary by acclaimed science filmmaker David Malone

These are the working titles and rough outlines for a two part investigative documentary, of course titles and content will be up to David.


'Molecules of Madness'

Part 1. 'Eden, Oral Sex and the Genesis of Humankind'
(The symbiotic origins of our species)

Part 2. 'So You Think You Can Tell Heaven From Hell?'
(The neurological basis of our species wide delusion/insanity)



The film project

High quality feature length two part documentary to be produced and directed by internationally acclaimed and award winning filmmaker David Malone of Because You Think TV.

Investigating the staggering discovery by independent researcher Tony Wright that there is a very well evidenced case for humanity suffering from species wide insanity. A simple explanation for the emergence of the most complex neural system we know, our brain, and the cause of structural degeneration or erosion of our most advanced neural architecture. The structural damage is the obvious and unavoidable underlying cause of our insanity. An explanation and simple root cause for our insatiable appetite for humanitarian and ecological catastrophe, with an accurate diagnosis comes the prospect of rapid treatment and prevention.

If the basic proposal has any basis in fact it will easily be the most important film ever made!

As it already has support from some of the sharpest minds around, bringing this discovery to the widest possible audience ASAP is of immeasurable urgency.

An accurate diagnosis is the first essential step in bringing our species back from the brink of a headlong plunge into self inflicted hell.

An extremely rare (and perhaps last) opportunity to take our destiny in our own hands, take back our birth right and start to put an end to the suffering we have inevitably caused ourselves.

The idea that loss of structural integrity in our neural system during its development is the fundamental cause of the overwhelming symptoms now apparently beyond our control is absolutely fantastic news, a human scale problem that is nobody’s fault with a relatively easy and quick fix.

Main Trailers

David Malone's Kickstarter Trailer
Tony Wright's Kickstarter Trailer

Additional video and audio clips

A selection of unused material from some of the earlier trailer filming that had various technical problems (we really need a professional film make on board!)
Quality is variable and content is a little repetitive, it has been added to broaden the context.

This video clip provides a brief overview of the subject matter and Kickstarter project

Brief Overview

This compilation of unused clips provides more of an in depth perspective
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Intro more detail

Kickstarter more context

Kickstarter David Malone Summary

Twenty years book

Book Kickstarter Going Mainstream

Biology of Bankers

Fruit Chemistry

Techniques and Treatments

Replace what went missing it starts to work!

Why this really is The Age of stupid and how to fix it...

Some of the questions and subject matter that will be addressed in the documentary.

Basic Diagnosis

Is it really this simple?
Is it at least worth investigating?

Near total loss of hormonally rich symbiotic developmental environment. The transcription factors
required to design and construct the exquisitely advanced molecular and neural architecture
essential for reaching a capacity for being self-aware and the real time perception of reality. This
has resulted in the asymmetric erosion of the advanced architecture as the unmodified ‘primitive’
transcription of our mammalian DNA does what it always does, builds a primitive neural system.


Worth checking out but bit of a no brainer really?

End of accelerating expansion of neo-cortex.
Asymmetric hormonal retardation of neural/neo-cortex development
Severe delusion, reality/sense of self based on many incompatible concepts/beliefs.
Emergence of patriarchy, hierarchy as symptoms of neuropathology.
Loss of profound sense of empathy an exceptionally rare 'advanced' trait.
Psychology of fear control.
Reproductive system in chaos.
Severely compromised immune function
Increasingly susceptible to excess sex steroid exposure i.e. oestrogen dependent cancers.
Rare glimpses of highly advanced abilities, prodigious genius, savants skills.
Rare glimpses of peak or ‘religious’ experiences.
Reducing juvenile period, ever earlier puberty (window for neural development).
Dominated by early conditioning, a function of increasingly primitive neural architecture.
Obligate handedness, ambidextrous rare.
Chronic and severe neuro-chemical ‘drug’ deficiency (explains susceptibility to drug use and abuse and the
epidemic of depression) our neural system evolved to run while flooded in complex neuro-active chemicals.
Historic move from universal ‘spiritual’ experience to contradictory beliefs and concepts now inevitably mistaken for reality (serious mental ill health).
etc etc.


Strange that the partial 'treatments' that result in glimpses of reality including a profound and rapturous experience of 'self recognition' have been progressively marginalised and even legislated against, a clue perhaps???

Restoration of neural structure, an engineering no-brainer?
What’s on offer with the restoration of advanced neural architecture and molecular configuration?
An immediate end to the hormonal retardation and neural shrinkage.
Restoration of advanced neural structure in both hemispheres resulting in unified sense of self.
Reconnect with reality, real time perception rather than concepts and conditioned behaviour a symptom of primitive neural architecture.
Phenomenal Immune function
Highly advanced cognitive abilities, best of prodigious genius, savant skills and much much more.
Enhanced sensory perception, more acute current senses with the potential for the restoration of lost
senses related to the restoration of advanced neural architecture, still occasionally glimpsed in ‘non-ordinary’
states of mind.
Profound sense of empathy and connectedness with each other and our paradisiacal home, impossible to cause harm to 'oneself'.
The reference point for what normally feels good would be moved towards a perpetual sense of wonder
and joy, even the bible talks of 'rapture'.
A different sense of self, a psychology free from underlying fear and need for control.
Exceptional health, freedom from degenerative disease hand in hand with increased longevity.
Enhanced strength, balance co-ordination etc, i.e. the best of what the marshal art traditions could access
by escaping the normal limits of the ‘mind’ etc etc.

More generally.

Why the loss of the highly complex, hormonally active symbiotic developmental and operating environment results in the erosion of the advanced neural architecture and related function that only such an environment could support. 
Why restoring such a developmental and operating environment will rapidly regenerate the eroded neural architecture and related function

Generally solves, explains, addresses….

Solves the mystery of human origins, symbiotic evolution with the developmental environments of many
plant species to create the highly complex advanced neural architecture we call our brain.
The potential to reunite the multitude of conflicting religious beliefs by explaining the unifying
spiritual experience that our unique neural system (perceptual lens) facilitated before it began to fail.

The opportunity to unify science and religion by explaining why both traditions have become
subjectivly separated from reality yet in essence their 'objective data' tells the same story.
The experiential ‘spiritual’ tradition with its universally similar descriptions and allusions (divine rapture,
oneness, love etc) warned us of our slide into all encompassing delusion. Despite this we are now
dominated by contradictory conceptual interpretations of those traditions, interpretations that according to
those very same traditions must be deluded.
The scientific tradition has done something very similar. It has thrown up a mountain of data to support
such a scenario including data that explains the nature of our delusion and accurately predicts we will still
miss the obviousness of what is staring us in the face, and misinterpret the data, that is why its called




If we all suffer from a neural condition so serious it has left us perceptually blind to its existence then simply addressing the question of our neural integrity will be enough to initiate an unstoppable chain reaction. This will result in a compelling requirement for urgent and radical treatment, unless of course everything is OK in which case it is still the sane option to check?